Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SONiVOX DVI 2 Erhu Synthetic Leads Synthetic Basses VSTi

SONiVOX designed the DVI products specifically for superior sound, ease of use, and affordability. Each DVI product is self contained and comes with its own player. There are many different types of DVI’s so each DVI player may differ slightly in functionality and aesthetic, but for the most part share a lot of the same traits. 
The Erhu is a very expressive instrument, most well-known for playing melancholic tune, but also capable of playing merry melodies. Often used in both solo and ensemble settings the Erhu is a common instrument in Chinese folk and classical settings.

As if you could ever have enough. A healthy smattering of squares, sines and triangles that will put some extra meat and texture into your tracks without taking a bite out of your budget. 
On-board amp sim, chorus, delay & eq plus filter & lfo control among others. 


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